Why is your software free? Is it going to change in near future?

MateCat is always going to be free. We believe that technology should be free and open source. We created MateCat based on this philosophy and we came up with an innovative business model to guarantee that the tool is sustainable. With MateCat, you can translate all your projects for free, but you also have the option to outsource the translation to our partner Translated.net. This is a paid service and this along with enterprise software customization is how we guarantee that MateCat will continue to be free as a translation platform.

How to start translating with MateCat

In order to start translating with MateCat, please follow the instructions of our –Getting Started Guide.

How can I download MateCat?

To start working with MateCat, all you need is an internet connection. MateCat can be used on any device that can run the Chrome or Safari browsers. You get the best experience on laptop and desktop computers. We wouldn’t recommend using it on a smartphone or tablets, even though they can be used to quickly check the content of a job.

How private are my translations and translation memories?

To guarantee the confidentiality of your translations, use a private TM when creating your project in MateCat, and make sure that the “Update” checkbox closed to the private TM key  is selected. In doing so you can be safe that your translated segments are stored only inside your private TM. Only the person who has created the private TM has access to it (the “owner”) and its content will not be shared with anyone else as opposed to the public TM which is available to all MateCat users. There will still be suggestions from the public TM, but your segments will not be saved in it.

Is it possible to restart the translation from where I left off?

Yes. MateCat saves the translation automatically. You can continue from where you left off just by opening the job again in your browser. To get to the untranslated segments, I would suggest clicking on the T+>> button or click on the To-do link next to the progress bar to go directly to the next segment to do.

I can’t find my project anymore! Shall I start all over again?

No. You can retrieve your project in 2 ways:

  1. If you were assigned to the project, then you should click on the original link provided via mail or    alternatively you can look for it inside the history of your browser.
  2. If you’re the owner of the project and you created it while you were logged in, then you can find it inside your management panel. Click on the Manage link in the bottom right corner of the home page and you will directly access the management interface with all the projects you have created.

Alternatively, before you begin translating you can also save the project’s link somewhere (perhaps using your browser’s bookmarks), and then go back to the same link to continue working.

I get an error when I try to upload my file, how can I solve it?

This may happen if your browser cache is overloaded. To solve this, you can try the following:

  • Press CTRL + F5 or CMD + R for Mac
  • Clear your browser history manually (especially cache and cookies)
  • Open MateCat in an anonymous tab in Chrome or Safari and upload it from there

When I try to download the completed translation, an error message appears: Download failed. Please, fix any tag issues and try again in 5 minutes. If it still fails, please, contact support@matecat.com. What should I do?

In the target field, if there are more or less tags than the source text you will get a tag error that may prevent downloading. To make sure you can download your target file, you need to address tag errors at least. To insert the missing tags, you can either press only the “< “key on your keyboard to display a list of available tags and select the one you need, or click on the missing tag and drag and drop it from the source to the target field.

Sometimes when I export my translation, some content appears on the target document as “untranslated content” whereas it is actually translated in MateCat. Why is that?

The string “UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT” wrapping text in the source language will appear in the target file if the corresponding text in MateCat contains a tag error. MateCat flags tag errors in the top right corner of the translation editor. Please note that only tag errors (tag mismatches and file breaking issues) will leave “UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT” in the target file, whereas tag warnings (tag order mismatch) can be legitimate.

I have a real hard time with fixing tags. Can I do an “ignore all”?

The best way to “ignore” the tags, is by copying them over to the target segment using the icon that resembles a black and white tilted square just below the segment. This feature is useful to preserve the structure of the document, but may compromise formatting. We recommend reviewing the target document to make sure that the layout and formatting have been preserved.