How does MateCat support work split into groups?

MateCat provides an easy-to-use split feature to divide large jobs into smaller parts and assign them to multiple translators. It also allows translators to work simultaneously using the same translation memories and glossaries, and even to discuss any issues related to the translation directly within the tool itself thanks to the comments feature. This is useful for large collaborative projects.
You can read more about splitting jobs in this article.

For rush projects, how can I easily assign a job to 2 or more people who also share the TM?

You can only split a translation if you were the person who created the project. Once you have uploaded the file(s) and have clicked on Analyze, in the Volume Analysis page, click on the Split button.
Each translator will receive a different link to their translation, and they will be able to see the segments of the other translator(s) in read-only mode.
You can also share the same TM, which you can read more about here.

It is possible to download just one part of a split job and translate it in another CAT tool?

No, it is not possible to download only one part of a split file: you must download the whole job.

How many translators can a split job be sent to?


How can I determine the end of my assigned part of a split document?

In the translation editor, scroll up or down until MateCat doesn’t allow the target segment to be edited. A circle with a red bar across it will appear if you hover over these segments with your mouse.
Furthermore, your project manager can also help you with this as he or she created and split the project.

How can I view segments that have been translated by another translator in the file I am working on? Right now I just get a message that the segment has not been assigned to me.

Scroll up or down in the job until you reach the section that has been assigned to another translator. If they have already translated the segments, you will see the translation in the target column.

When I revise a job that has been split among several translators, how do I know which translator made which errors?

When a job has been split, each part has two different links: one for the translation and another for the revision. The person who created the job knows which translator worked on each part. This is only true if the jobs have not been subsequently merged.

Is the edit log of a split job cumulative of the entire job or just of each single part?

It represents the single part.

Can more than one translator work on a file at the same time (on two different machines)?

Yes, you can share the same link, but the best way to work on a file at the same time is to split the job into two different parts and assign each part to a different translator.
If both translators were to work on the same segment at the same time, the final version selected is unpredictable.
The split function can be found in the analysis page when you create a job in MateCat.

I’d like to see how many words have been translated in each part of a project that has been split. How can I do this? Or do the translators need to do it themselves?

The person who has created the project can find this information in the management panel if they logged in before creating the project.

Suppose a PM creates a project for two translators. How does the PM send them the project links? (Via email?)

Yes, the PM will send each translator a different link via email.