Editing Log

The Editing Log page is one of the advanced features that MateCat provides to help users measure the overall editing performance for their projects. This is calculated thanks to a combination of two key performance indicators:

  • Time-to-edit, the translator’s average speed
  • Post-editing effort, the overall percentage of the pre-translated content (taken from either a TM or the MT engine) amended by the translator

How to access the Editing Log

To access the Editing Log, you can:





Editing Log page

On the Editing Log page, users can monitor statistical information about the translation job as a whole as well as the editing details for each segment, in real time:




Stats for the translation job

In this section, users can see statistical information about the translation job as a whole:


The specific information provided is as follows:

Words Total word count
Total time-to-edit Sum of the time-to-edit of all segments, including the translator’s pauses.
Your avg. secs/word Average number of seconds needed to translate each word
Your avg. PEE Average post-editing effort as a percentage. This indicates the average percentage of changes made to suggestions from the TM or MT system across the whole job.


Editing Details

In this section, users can see all the information mentioned above for each segment. In addition, MateCat also displays the TM/MT suggestion and the changes applied to it.

Segments are displayed in the same order as they appear on the Translation or Revision Editor page (i.e. sorted by segment ID).


The specific information provided is as follows:

Segment ID ID of the segment. You can click on this to open the segment in the Translation or Revision Editor.
Words Number of words in the segment
Time-to-edit (TTE) Time needed to edit the segment
Secs/Word Seconds spent per word for the segment
Post-editing effort (PEE) Post-editing effort for the segment
Segment Original source segment
Suggestion (Machine Translation – 85%) Source of the original suggestion and match percentage of the original suggestion.  Always 85% by default for Machine Translation suggestions
Translation Final translation approved by the translator
Diff View Differences between original suggestion and final approved translation highlighted with tracked changes
QA issues QA issues present in the segment

This information, along with even more details, can also be downloaded as a CSV file, allowing you to perform a more detailed post-editing analysis.



NOTE: Time-to-edit is calculated by adding up the time a translator spends on each segment. If a translator goes back to the same segment several times (opening and closing the segment), the times for each edit are added together.

For the calculation of the Post-Editing Effort, on the other hand, some segments are excluded:

  • Segments that have a time-to-edit of over 25 seconds per word, and
  • Segments that have a time-to-edit below 0.5 seconds per word.
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