MateCat QA with ApSIC Xbench

What is ApSIC Xbench?

ApSIC Xbench ( is a powerful Quality Assurance (QA) and Terminology environment that runs on Microsoft Windows.  You can run a number of built-in QA checks such as numeric and tag mismatches, quote or parenthesis mismatches, inconsistent translations, and more.  You can also easily customize your own checks by using checklists. It also features an instant spell-checking engine, powered by Hunspell and Microsoft Word

How to QA MateCat jobs with Xbench            

The new Xbench integration for Matecat brings all the power of Xbench right to your Matecat editor in Chrome. There’s no need to download or upload files, everything happens automatically in the background.

You can run a QA pass with Xbench with just one click from the MateCat editor.



Then if you find an issue in Xbench, you just need to press Ctrl+E on the active segment in Xbench and you will be automagically taken to that segment in the MateCat editor so that you can fix it! Just press Alt-Tab to switch between Xbench and MateCat back and forth.

See it in Action (Video)
Do you want to see how it works? If you have a couple minutes, this demo video will show you the new Xbench integration with MateCat.

Setting Things up for the Xbench Integration

To run the Xbench integration for MateCat you need to install the following on Windows:

  • Xbench 3.0 build 1350 or later. You can download it here.
  • Xbench Chrome Extension for MateCat. You can install on Chrome from here.
  • One Tab Chrome Extension for MateCat. You can install on Chrome from here.
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