Segment status in XLIFF files exported from MateCat


When you upload a file for translation, MateCat converts it to XLIFF, which is a bilingual format that allows to translate the text in shorter segments, without worrying about formatting. Once the translation is done, MateCat converts the XLIFF back to its original format.

Who is this article for?

Developers who wish to extract status information about segments translated in MateCat

How does it work?

MateCat saves information about the status of all segments in a MateCat job within the XLIFF file.

The parameter state inside <target> defines the status a segment is at in MateCat at time of the export. The list of available statuses is available below:


MateCat status

Segment state in XLIFF

Approved signed-off
Translated translated
Rejected needs-review-translation
New new
Draft needs-translation
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