Splitting Jobs between Two or More Translators

MateCat provides an easy-to-use split functionality to divide large jobs into smaller parts and assign them to multiple translators. It also allows to work simultaneously using the same translation memories, glossaries and even to discuss any issues related to the translation right within the tool itself. This is useful for large collaborative projects.

You can split a job from the Volume Analysis page.

After completion of the volume analysis, you can select how many jobs you would like to create and click on the Split button. In the following example, we are going to create 4 jobs:


You will then be presented with a dialogue window where you can enter the approximate number of words for each job.

Splitting a job in 4 parts. The word count is approximate until you click on the Check button.

When you click on the Check button, MateCat checks each part and divides segments into an indicative number of words, avoiding any overlap between segments.


Splitting a job in 4 parts after checking the word count. Note that the word count for each part has changed.


A job split in four parts

When you click on Confirm, you will be presented with a detailed analysis of the split jobs and a Translate button for each part.

In the event that you make a mistake and would like to undo the splitting, just click on the Merge all button and the different parts will be merged back into the original job.

You just need to send each translator the Job URL for the part they will be working on.

When clicking on their link, translators will see only the part of the document assigned to them as editable. They can also see the rest of the file, but they will not be able to edit it. They will see the rest of the document being translated in real time and can refer to the other parts for comparison, as well as leave comments for the other translator.

They will also share a private TM key, if previously associated, where all translations will be stored, so each translator will also receive matches for segments already translated by the other translators within the same project. They will also, of course, get matches from the public TM.

Each translation is complete once all segments of that job have been translated and marked as translated.

The progress bar, the To-do count and the payable words count only refer to the current job. You can check the status and progress of each job from your own Manage Panel. Once all jobs are 100% complete, you can click on any of the links and click on the Download translation button. In this way you will download the whole translated file.

Find out more on this topic in the specific section of the FAQ.
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