Translating Google Drive docs, spreadsheets and presentations

You can translate Google Drive files (docs, spreadsheets and presentations) importing them directly into MateCat, without downloading them and with no layout and formatting loss.

  1. From the MateCat home page, click on the Google Drive files link in order to select the file(s) that you want to translate. You will be asked to log in to your Google account in order to have access to your Google Drive files.
  2. Once you log in, a new window will open up from which you will be able to select the files to add to your MateCat project. Google docs, presentations and spreadsheets are supported.
  3. Click on the file or press Ctrl+left-click to select multiple files, then click on Select.
  4. Press the Analyze button to get the word count, then Translate, as usual.

Click on the button PREVIEW ON GOOGLE DRIVE to open the preview of your files directly in Google Drive. You can do this even before you start translating to get a pseudo translation of your files (pseudo translation is based on matches from the translation memory and/or the machine translation engine).

By clicking on the drop-down menu arrow next to PREVIEW ON GOOGLE DRIVE, you can also open the original file(s) in Google Drive.

Once the translation is complete, the preview button turns into OPEN IN GOOGLE DRIVE. Click on that button to see your translated file(s) in Google Drive.


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