Translation Projects and Jobs

In MateCat, translation jobs are organised into projects. A project is made up of one or more translation jobs and each one is associated with a unique job URL. Each project can be created with one source language and one or more target languages.

To create a new project in MateCat, visit

All you need to do to create a project is select the language pair and upload the file(s) to translate.

By clicking on Settings, the Settings Panel will open where you can add or edit project options:

  • Add or select one or more private translation memories
  • Select or disable machine translations engines
  • Dictate your translations instead of typing them
  • Let MateCat automatically place the tags where they belong
  • Perform automated QA checks in collaboration with lexiQA for the languages currently supported
  • Specify segmentation rules

If you need to store your project and recover it later, you should firstly log in clicking on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the home page. This allows you to add all your projects to your Manage Panel. Via the Manage page you will have a wide range of management features available.

Note: it is not possible to work on MateCat offline. You can only save your translation and receive suggestions from the MT(s) and TM(s) if you work online.
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