How To Upload File(s) for Translation

Always remember to choose the language pair(s) of your project before uploading the file(s) to translate, otherwise you will be asked to upload the file(s) again and the following message will be displayed:

choose language before
You can also select more than one target language by using the link and checking the boxes corresponding to the languages you need to work into.


A box with the list of all supported languages will be displayed. Check the boxes of all languages you need to translate into, as shown in the screenshot below:



In order to upload the file(s) for translation you can either:

  • directly drag and drop them or
  • browse for them by clicking on the + Add files…

Optionally, you can assign a name to the project and set a specific subject for your translation.

You can also delete an uploaded file by clicking on the dustbin icon or all uploaded files by clicking on the Clear all button.

Find out more on this topic in the specific section of the FAQ.
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