Project Settings

You can customise the settings for your project in the Settings pane. To do so, click on the Settings link in the home page.

screenshot-www-matecat-com-2018-11-22-14-40-08The Settings Panel includes different tabs:

  • Translation Memory and Glossary tab: here  you can create one or more private translation memories, or use your existing ones. If you use one or more private TMs, you will get matches from both the public and your private TM(s) while keeping the translation confidential. Matches from your private TM(s) will be offered before any matches with the same fuzzy match score from the public TM. Read more on how to manage your TMs here.
  • Machine Translation tab: here you can disable the machine translation suggestions by unchecking the corresponding box (by default, they are enabled). You can enable a custom machine translation engine, by clicking on the Add MT Engine button or by selecting an active one that you had previously added.
  • Advanced Options tab: here you can enable the voice recognition component to dictate your translations, enable the Guess tags position, enable quality checks by lexiQA or select different segmentation rules.


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