Machine Translation Engines

In MateCat, the best option when creating a project is to select MyMemory, which uses a combination of Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to provide machine translation suggestions. You can also disable machine translation suggestions by unchecking the corresponding box under the field “Use in this project” in the Machine Translation tab.

You can also connect your machine translation engines provided by MMT, Microsoft Translator Hub, IPTranslator from Iconic, Tilde MT, Apertium, AltLang, Yandex.Translate, Tauyou, SmartMate and Deeplingo or your own Moses engines directly from the MateCat online CAT tool. All you need are the credentials granted by your machine translation provider.

In order to enable them, click on Options on the home page, then on Add MT engine and select the engines from the dropdown menu Machine Translation. The same steps can be taken from the Language Resources panel.

Find out more on this topic in the specific section of the FAQ.


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