ModernMT (MMT) Plug-In

What is MMT? MMT is a brand-new adaptive neural MT engine developed by TRANSLATED, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), the University of Edinburgh and TAUS, with funding from the European Union. MMT is a custom, context-aware machine translation technology that

How to create a team in MateCat

As a cloud-based software platform, MateCat allows project managers to set up projects, assign them to teams of translators and reviewers, and configure the translation environment for team members. When working with a team, it’s important to track the status

MateCat QA with lexiQA

lexiQA ( is now in full operation with MateCat. The tool automatically reviews content performing checks for punctuation, numerals, links, symbols and spellings. Potential errors are identified and highlighted to make corrections and amendments where appropriate. How to QA MateCat

MateCat QA with ApSIC Xbench

What is ApSIC Xbench? ApSIC Xbench ( is a powerful Quality Assurance (QA) and Terminology environment that runs on Microsoft Windows.  You can run a number of built-in QA checks such as numeric and tag mismatches, quote or parenthesis mismatches,

Management Panel

When creating projects, project owners have the option of adding them to MateCat’s Management Panel by logging in with their Google account. This panel shows a list of all the projects created using the Google account in question and allows the

Editing Log

The Editing Log page is one of the advanced features that MateCat provides to help users measure the overall editing performance for their projects. This is calculated thanks to a combination of two key performance indicators: Time-to-edit, the translator’s average

High Security for Your Translations

MateCat users benefit from a continually increasing level of security. MateCat works with an encryption layer which uses the SSL protocol for server to client communication. All data sent from your browser to the MateCat servers is encrypted and cannot

Tilde MT plug-in

MateCat features an integration with Tilde MT. Translators can significantly boost their productivity by using fully customized, terminology-savvy MT systems – tailor-made for them by Tilde in a range of languages and domains – directly in MateCat’s online tool. Tilde

Apertium MT plug-in

What is Apertium? Apertium is a rule-based free/open-source machine translation system. Well, not quite, indeed it’s a machine translation platform that allows you to build your own machine translation systems. This is what the Apertium community has been doing for more

AltLang MT plug-in

What is AltLang? In different regions, speakers of the same language use alternative spellings or make different vocabulary choices leading to clearly recognisable language varieties (i.e. British and American English). AltLang is an automatic language variety converter that will help