Manage Your Language Resources

You can store all your private Resources in MateCat and assign them to your projects when creating a new project or during translation. Adding a TM to a Project When creating a project, click on the Settings link in the home page

Exporting Private Translation Memories

You can export all your active and inactive private translation memories from the Translation Memory and Glossary tab. From the home page, click on Settings and access your Translation Memory and Glossary tab. You can do the same from the translation editor

How to Add a Glossary

A glossary is a bilingual file containing the translation of terms (word or phrase belonging to a particular domain or kind of language) in a special subject, field or area of usage. You can import a glossary from the Translation

TM Backup and Updates

Adding a private TM Key to your project means that the TM is automatically updated during translation, if previously set. MateCat stores your TMs for you so that you do not need to upload and download the translated segments each

Machine Translation Engines

In MateCat, the best option when creating a project is to select MyMemory, which uses a combination of Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to provide machine translation suggestions. You can also disable machine translation suggestions by unchecking the corresponding box under