Guess tag position

For a number of language pairs, MateCat automatically places the tags where they belong in the target language. We analysed millions of segments processed by professionals and observed how they handled all types of tags and used Machine Learning techniques

Translation Editor

Files are translated in the Translation Editor page, the main interface for translators. You can access it on the link associated with any translation job created in MateCat by either: clicking on the Translate button on the Volume Analysis page,

Translating offline

This article will explain in detail how to use MateCat to generate XLIFF files which can then be translated offline using desktop CAT tools such as SDL Trados and OmegaT, as well as how to import the translated XLIFFs back

Working with Text and Tags

MateCat uses tags to guarantee layout and formatting correspondence between source text and target text. If you click on the icon below the input field, you can toggle between the full and the shortened view of the tag. Tag Management/Autocompletion

Confirming a Segment

Once you have entered your translation into the target field or edited the pre-translated segment, click on the Translated button to confirm the translation and move to the next segment. You can also use the keyboard shortcut keyboard shortcut CTRL+Enter.


When a segment is approved during translation and there are other identical segments in the source text, MateCat will ask you whether the translation should be propagated to all those segments or only to the current one. If you choose

Concordance Search

Concordance searches enable users to search the translation memory, both public and private (if any), for a specific word, sequence or phrase. All previously translated segments in the private TM Key associated with the project and in the public TM

QA Messages

When you are translating, MateCat performs a number of automated checks on the consistency of the segment. The top bar on the Translation Editor page features an icon which warns of any potential QA issues in the translation. The warning

Navigating through Files

If you have uploaded more than one file for translation in the same project, click on the job name in the top bar to see a list with the corresponding files. You can either click on the file name to


MateCat uses your browser’s spell-check tool. These are the steps to follow in order to enable the spell-checker for your target language for each of the two supported browsers: Google Chrome Safari Enter the following string in the address bar:

Finalising a Project

Once the translation is complete (the progress bar reaches 100%), the Preview button at the top of the page is replaced by the Download translation button. Click on it to download the translated text in the same format and with

Working Offline

MateCat is designed for users that have access to the internet. In the event of a temporary loss of internet connection, you can still translate up to 30 segments; MateCat will synchronize the translated segments once the connection is reestablished.

Keyboard Shortcuts

MateCat relies heavily on keyboard shortcuts for standard and advanced functionalities. Getting to know the shortcuts below will help you be more productive when translating in MateCat.   Functionality Windows Mac Confirm translation (click on Translated) CTRL+Enter CMD+Enter Confirm translation