Keyboard Shortcuts

MateCat relies heavily on keyboard shortcuts for standard and advanced functionalities. Getting to know the shortcuts below will help you be more productive when translating in MateCat.


Functionality Windows Mac
Confirm translation (click on Translated) CTRL+Enter CMD+Enter
Confirm translation and go to next untranslated segment (click on [T+>>]) CTRL+SHIFT+Enter CMD+SHIFT+Enter
Go to next segment CTRL+Down CTRL+Down
Return to previous segment CTRL+Up CTRL+Up
Go to current segment CTRL+Home CMD+SHIFT+up
Copy source to target ALT+CTRL+i ALT+CTRL+i
Undo in segment (available in active segment) CTRL+z CMD+z
Redo in segment (available in active segment) CTRL+y CMD+SHIFT+z
Go to beginning of the line Home CMD+left
Go to end of the line End CMD+right
Move the cursor word by word to the right CTRL+right ALT+right
Move the cursor word by word to the left CTRL+left ALT+left
Open search (if not yet opened) CTRL+f CMD+f
Perform Concordance search on word(s) selected in the source or target segment ALT+k ALT+k
Use Translation suggestions (first/second/third suggestion) CTRL+1/2/3 CTRL+1/2/3
Add a new line in the target segment SHIFT+Enter SHIFT+Enter
Add a non-breaking space CTRL+SHIFT+Space CTRL+SHIFT+Space
Merge back split sub-segments CTRL+W
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