Splitting and Merging Segments

To split a segment in MateCat, hover your cursor over the source text in an open segment. An icon will appear to the left of your segment.

split segments 1

Click on that icon (or use the shortcut CTRL+S) to activate the split feature. Your cursor will change shape and you will be able to click on the source segment where you want to split it.

split segments 2

When you set the split points, click on Confirm and your segment will be split in as many sub-segments as you desire.

If you wish to merge back the sub-segments, click on the icon to the right of the split segments (or use the shortcut CTRL+W) and click on the red cross which will be displayed hovering your cursor over the split points.

split segments 3

Currently, it is only possible to merge segments which had been previously split using the split feature in MateCat.

Find out more on this topic in the specific section of the FAQ.
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