Using TM Matches, MT Suggestions and Glossary Terms

When you open a segment for translation, it will automatically populate with the first TM/MT match available for that segment.

You will receive TM suggestions if you add a private TM key to the project or fuzzy matches found in the public translation memory, as well as MT suggestions, if activated. They will appear in first place just below the segment, under the Translation matches tab.

Add your personal translation memory to the project and limit access to it using a private TM key as described in the Managing your Language Resources section.

For every suggestion, its source, match percentage and creation date (only in the case of TM suggestions) are indicated in the corner of every entry, as in the screenshot below:



The example below includes:

  • a 100% match from the private TM key added to the project (the private TM key is shown as the source of the suggestion) as first suggestion, and therefore used to automatically populate the segment;
When you add a private TM to your project, MateCat automatically associates a name with the private TM key in order to recognise the source of the suggestion while translating. It has the MyMemory_XXXX format, where XXXX is a unique alphanumeric value for each private TM key.
  • a 79% match from the public TM (source is “anonymous” here) as the second suggestion;
  • the Machine Translation suggestion (with the corresponding source label MT) as the third one.

Depending on the source of the match and on the match percentage, the following labels will be displayed:

colour green 100% matches from the Translation Memory
 colour orange Fuzzy matches from the Translation Memory, regardless of their match percentage
 colour yellow Machine Translation suggestions

Collaborative projects

When working on a project split among several translators, real-time suggestions from the other translators participating in the same project are visible. Translators working on a common project share a private TM key and receive suggestions from segments previously translated within the same project. In this case, the source of the suggestion will be named after the shared private TM key.

The suggestions are ranked according to their match percentage, from the highest to the lowest. The MT suggestions are allocated an 85% match by default. In the absence of higher percentages of matching, the MT will be displayed in the first place.

There are two ways of selecting and inserting the preferred suggestion into the target segment:

  • use the shortcut ALT+CTRL+[n] for Windows or ALT+Cmd+[n] for Mac OS X, where [n] can be 1, 2 or 3, depending on the corresponding suggestion you have chosen, or
  • double-click on the match of your choice.

In order to remove a TM match from the translation memory, hover over it and click on the dustbin icondustbin on the right.

NOTE: Use the removal tool only if you want to delete the match from the translation memory because the target text is not the correct translation of the source text. Do not delete it if you think it is not the correct suggestion for the current segment.

If you would like to copy the source text to the target input area, just click on the corresponding arrow blaor use the shortcut ALT+CTRL+I.  

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