What is Matecat?

Matecat is a free and open source online CAT tool. It's free for translation companies, translators and enterprise users.


What you'll love about Matecat:

  • Increased profits. Reduce the word count with the best matches from translation memories and machine translation
  • Improved security. Don't share files via email and forget about privacy violations due to computer viruses or carelessness
  • An extended network of professional translators. Take on any assignments, even those you cannot manage directly, and outsource them from within the platform.


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Our philosophy

Matecat envisions a future where machines and humans work together. Machines will take over repetitive and monotonous tasks and humans will focus on the creative and more complex parts of the translation process.

We are building our translation platform on machine learning and big data analysis. Our goal is to identify patterns and tasks which can be performed by the machine, from automated project creation to tag positioning and automatic post-editing.

Matecat is and will be free and open source software. The advances in technology should be shared with anyone who can contribute to the progress or can benefit from it. We aim at creating an open platform that effectively overcomes the limits of translation today and helps to crack the language barriers.

Our team

Matecat is a joint effort by the top researchers and engineers in the field of translation automation.
The founders and main contributors of Matecat are the international research center FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), the translation company Translated srl, the Université du Maine and the University of Edinburgh.

Open source

Matecat is a free, open source software released under the LGPL license. Download the code and build your customized version of Matecat from GitHub.

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